So, first things first . . . allow me to properly introduce myself. In a nutshell, I’m a writer and avid reader of books, primarily suspense and thriller novels with a fair amount of romance thrown in. But I also absorb cookbooks as though they were novels, and devour the novels as though they were products of those cookbooks–with quite the voracious appetite! (Whew! That was a mouthful, and all I tasted was paper.)

My debut thriller All Dressed In Red was published on Amazon in January of 2015, and my second novel, Brain Seize, left to keep it company in this still-chilly month of May, 2016. (Couldn’t blame the characters for wanting to skedaddle–it has to be warmer in Seattle. . .)

I live in northeast Ohio along the shores of beautiful Lake Erie with my awesome fiance and three cats–all of which are rescues (including my fiance, I believe), and have rescued me on numerous occasions when comfort food, some ice cold beers, and even a tried-and-true comedy weren’t doing the trick. Oh! . . . Except for Lucy and Ethel wreaking havoc at the candy factory, that is . . . my hair could be purple after attempting to dye it auburn and my brows singed as a result of my charring our sticker-shock-causing steaks and I’d still be in stitches! (‘Nother mouthful, but think I tasted beef that time?)

The pic of us above (slightly younger, then) was taken at the Olive Garden, I believe. Being half Italian, it seems I can never get enough pasta, meatballs, sausage, pizza, chicken parm and garlic bread to keep me satiated. (And yet another mouthful, but this one has the flavors of Rome!) Would’ve loved to include the cats in the photo rather than the unsuspecting woman who’s now part of some eccentric author’s blog (why wasn’t she tearing into that spaghetti, for God’s sake-it didn’t appear that her table mate was eating it), but needless to say, they don’t allow pets . . . no doubt there’d be meatballs skittering like spilled marbles were they welcomed, not to mention a gaudy crimson carpet that would surely clash with their primarily subdued decor. I’ll just have to dedicate a page to my darlings with pics and bios of their own. . .

Back to ‘hitting the books’ . . . Now that my second novel, Brain Seize, has been published, I’m  working on a third, which is a sequel to All Dressed In Red. As I write, I’m methodically coming to learn what Rico, Ben and Casie have been up to since we last interacted, but not that louse Sid. I mean, who would care? (“Not I,” says his creator.)

There are more mysterious goings-on occurring in Sarvelle Falls as well . . . as if enough hasn’t happened already. I’m catching wind that someone has it out for Ben, and all the Whoppers and Doritos and Budweisers in the world won’t supply him with the type of comfort that I alluded to earlier. I suppose I could lend him my copy of “Job Switching” (Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory) if it gets too rough, but think he’ll actually fare much better minus any Linus-like props. (I know . . . I can be cruel that way.)

Poor guy . . . can’t seem to catch a break, that one. But then, his new love Lucy (Sanborne, not Ball) is standing by with her catcher’s mitt . . .

Okay . . . better sign off. (The nutshell turned out to be a pretty roomy one, eh?)

Now, please excuse me while I go powder my face . . .